Are heets harmful for health?

IQOS is a new type of cigarette, available easily in many countries. It is a legal device that works on a special mechanism.

It is promoted as a similar fashion like vapes and a safer option than standard smoking of cigarettes.

As per study, it is said heat not burn products are the next phase of inhaling tobacco, that works on lower temperature.

It is a novelty product as it is concerned about safety and usefulness of smoking cessation.

But in new research, it is said that heat not burn devices are better than other types of E cigarettes and traditional cigarettes.

The product is manufactured by the popularĀ  Philips Morphins International, which is an American Tobacco company.

IOQS is less toxic to lungs as compared to vapes and standard cigarettes.

The electronic smoking by IQOS is far different from Vapes as it does not use infused liquid for inhalation of nicotine.

The devices are equipped with a heating mechanism that heats the tobacco at lower temperature which is lower than combustion.

As per many customers who are using an IQOS device, say that it hits the throat lightly, and much better way than e cigarettes and traditional cigarettes.

Although IOQS is still under the FDA’s examination, many scientists say it reduces the harm of tobacco related diseases.

The IQOS is well used to quit smoking, and it does not cause any craving as it long lasts for more time than standard cigarettes.

The heat not burn products benefits overall health if a person is a chain smoker.

However, it is another attempt of smoking with fewer side effects and few benefits for smokers.

The real tobacco is used in Heat not burn products, there is no need for artificial liquids or tobacco.

If you are willing to quit your chain smoking habit, then we recommend you to switch to IQOS.



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