What is the difference between Heets and Traditional Cigarettes?

Heets IQOS is an electronic device that works as an excellent substitute for cigarettes. For a long time, there has been a debate regarding IQOS and standard cigarettes, and many people are confused about whether IQOS are safer than traditional cigarettes or not. The tobacco heating system has been introduced in many countries for a long time, but there is no research about its benefits.

As per Philip Morris, the establisher of IQOS and a famous scientist states that IQOS is a much safer and better way to inhale nicotine.

Difference between Standard Cigarette and IQOS

The cigarette works on a mechanism where the cigarette is burnt at a very high temperature, which directly hits the lungs of a user. In contrast, IQOS heats the cigarette at a lower temperature and is considered safer than a cigarette. It does not affect the lungs as much as a standard cigarette does.


Benefits of IQOS


  • It is safer than traditional cigarettes.
  • The IQOS works on heat, not burn mechanism where the lower temperature is used to smoke the tobacco so that there is minor inhalation of nicotine.
  • There is a reduced risk of lung cancer as the lower temperature does not directly hit the lungs.
  • IQOS also helps in quitting smoking.
  • If you are a chain smoker, IQOS is better. If a person has ten cigarettes in a day, with the help of IQOS, the number can quickly decrease to 5 because of the heating mechanism.
  • It helps in minor inhalation of tobacco.
  • There will be fewer harmful toxins that enter the body.
  • IQOS does not stain your teeth or lips
  • Unlike traditional cigarettes, there is less smell of heating IQOS.
  • IQOS is not addictive.

So, by reading the above benefits of using an IQOS, we hope you are clear that IQOS or heat, not burn products are much better and safer than traditional cigarettes.



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