Everything you want to know about Heets IQOS

Heets IQOS is a popular heat not burn product that is much better than standard cigarettes. IQOS is easily available in  more than 50 countries.

Working of IQOS

The working of heat not burn products is totally different from the working of traditional cigarettes. The IQOS is heated at a lower temperature whereas standard cigarettes are burned at higher temperature. Heets uses a specially designed mechanism, where the temperature does not get higher than 350 F. When the tobacco is heated at such a lower degree it gives an experience of the same nicotine to the user but with less harmful vaporization. The low exposure of heat leads to reduced levels of health diseases like cancer, heart attack and other cardiovascular diseases.

Benefits of IQOS

  • The lower exposure reduces the risk of hazardous diseases.
  • The heat not burn products are safer for passive smokers than traditional smoking of cigarettes.
  • It is less toxic than other vapes or traditional cigarettes.
  • Heat not burn products use lower degrees that give a benefit of lower exposure to combustion.
  • One Cigarette on heat not burn device will last long for 2-3 hours whereas the traditional cigarettes lasts just for a few minutes, so it helps a user to quit smoking.
  • There is no craving of Heat not burn IQOS devices.
  • IQOS is suitable for every smoker
  • The level of burning certain harmful chemicals is lower than other smoking devices.

Side Effects of QOS

  • It Is not approved by FDA
  • It heats the same amount of nicotine like traditional cigarettes.
  • It has harmful effects but is quite lesser than traditional cigarettes



Heets IOQS comes with many benefits but at the same time is not good for lungs as it also heats tha tobacco, which is a harmful chemical for lungs. Although, if you are willing to try a perfect substitute for Cigarettes, then this is a perfect safe


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