Heets Vs Other Smoking Ways

Heets Vs Cigarettes

The IQOS is safer than cigarettes, due to its lower exposure of nicotine.

A person needs to be above 21 years old to buy an IQOS device. If you are keen to know what is inside the device, then you need to be a smoker to find out the filled standard cigarettes. It is a kind of electrical small device that you can easily put in your pocket. IQOS stands for I Quit Original Smoking, it is a device that heats the cigarette by heating the tobacco at lower temperature. IQOS is a well known Heat not burn device available in the market. The device is totally different from vaping and smoking but a similar way of inhaling nicotine.

You can easily charge the device as it is an USB charged product. The end of the device comes with a space where you can put a roll of tobacco or small cigarette. The beauty of IQOS is that there is no smoke or not burning flame, which is totally different from traditional cigarettes.

The IQOS is legal in many countries but the FDA does not approve the product. Instead of burning the cigarette at higher temperature, the IQOS reduces the danger of inhaling a maximum amount of nicotine.

The IQOS is not used for addictive purposes like that of a traditional cigarette.

It is a popular alternative of standard cigarettes but comes with many benefits and reduced risk of hazardous health issues.

The IOQS reduces the toxic chemicals per puff than normal cigarettes.

The high bar of using an IQOS is it inhales a lower amount of nicotine which is further beneficial for health.

The timing and intensity of inhaling from IQOS is safer than traditional cigarettes.

The manufacturer clearly claims that IQOS is much safer and a perfect alternative to vaping and smoking of traditional cigarettes.


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